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CARNOSAUR (1993) *

Roger Corman has always had a knack for making money by ripping off big budget movies and making no budget retreads.  This one is a clear riff on Jurassic Park and despite having it’s moments, is a complete waste of time.


The plot has a disreputable bio-engineer played by Diane Ladd (who had worked with Corman numerous times in the 60’s in such films as The Wild Racers) trying to “build a better chicken” by tampering with the nation’s chicken supply using dinosaur DNA.  This results in women giving birth to lime green omelets containing ravenous dinosaurs.  Raphael (The Hidden 2) Sbarge plays a drunken rent-a-cop who figures everything out and in the stunningly awful ending, faces off against the “Carnosaur” in a John Deere tractor.


The special effects are ludicrous and the gore is cheaply done too.  Some of the birthing scenes have a kick to them, but they belong in another movie entirely.  What’s worse is that the hilarious dinosaur looks more like a Land Before Time hand puppet I got from Hardee’s as a kid than a real dinosaur. 


Barney is scarier, folks.


Still, any movie in which Clint Howard gets his head bitten off by a dinosaur is worth a look I guess.  


All of the characters are named after birds (Raven, Crow, Mallard, etc.) but the perfect name for Corman is “Vulture” for pecking after Jurassic Park’s leftovers.


Writer/director Adam (Braindead) Simon is mostly hampered by too many (bad) ideas and not enough money, but he does come up with some memorable dialogue like:  “Your body is a revolutionary battlefield”, “I could give a chicken’s nuts for your excuses!”, “The last thing we need is a bio-tech panic about chickens!”, “What are we but a set of instructions for the reproduction of the species?” and “It’ll make a great theme park!”

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