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After Scott Valentine’s legendary run on Family Ties as Mallory’s annoying boyfriend Nick, it was unsure where such an acting giant would wind up.  Luckily, thanks to producer Roger Corman, he remained steadily employed throughout the 90’s, starring in the Cor-Man’s To Sleep with a Vampire, The Unborn 2, The Black Scorpion and this third pathetic entry in the Carnosaur series.    


The plot has a bunch of slimy “Eurotrash” terrorists hijacking a military convoy and stealing their mysterious payload.  They think they’ve stolen weapons-grade plutonium, but they’ve actually gotten a hold of some frozen Carnosaurs that quickly thaw, escape and eat all the terrorists.  The government sends a team of soldiers (led by Valentine) to the scene to find out what happened and they run smack dab into the nest of DNA engineered dinos.


Yep, it’s yet another soldiers vs. dinosaurs in an abandoned warehouse movie.


The special effects are easily the best out of the entire series (that’s not saying much), mostly because director Jonathan (The Black Scorpion) Winfrey keeps the monsters’ appearances to fleeting glances.  The carnage the Carnosaurs create is pretty gruesome too as there are a lot of heads, arms and other various body parts that get chewed up by the prehistoric beasties. 


Too bad the performances are terrible.  ALL of the characters are irritating, foul mouthed soldiers that are not only interchangeable, but indistinguishable as well.  The black and white Carnosaur-O-Vision will also grate on your nerves about the 70th time it’s used. 


Valentine left his charisma in the 80’s, so it’s up to Janet (Night of the Running Man) Gunn, the film’s bitchy scientist to deliver the movie’s best line:  “If you see anything bigger than a donkey, SHOOT IT!”


AKA:  Primal Species.

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