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WAITRESS (2007) ***

Keri (Felicity) Russell stars in this bittersweet romantic comedy as a waitress who makes scrumptious homemade pies, works in a coffee shop and is married to a no good lout (Jeremy Sisto).  Her world turns upside down when she finds out that she’s pregnant and eventually falls head over heels for her doctor (Nathan Fillion from Firefly) who’s also married. 


The cast is pitch-perfect with Russell delivering a splendid performance in the lead role, but it’s Fillion as the twitchy, awkward love interest who steals the movie.  Andy Griffith also turns up as an advice dispensing customer and writer/director Adrienne Shelly puts in a funny turn as Russell’s nerdy co-worker. 


To Shelly’s credit, she never turns the movie into a syrupy chick flick and manages to keep the usual romantic comedy clichés to a bare minimum.  The film showcases some genuine heart and while it never fully draws the viewer in, it’s as sweet and amiable as one of Russell’s pies.


Unfortunately there’s a sadness that follows the film when you know that Shelly was brutally murdered shortly before the film’s release.  It’s a shame too, because she had real talent both behind and in front of the camera.  If you like her in this movie, you should definitely check her out in Hal Hartley’s 1990 indy flick, Trust. 

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