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In 1957, Russia dropped the Bomb on the United States.  Elvis moved from Graceland to Las Vegas and declared himself King.  After his death, forty years later, dozens of dirty, dingy sword slingers head to Vegas (now called “Lost” Vegas) to claim heir to the throne.  One such dude is Buddy (Jeffrey Falcon), who looks like Guy Pearce playing Stephen Dorff in The Elvis Costello Story, who wears thick glasses, dresses like a dime store Reservoir Dog and keeps his samurai sword stored in his guitar.  He joins up with an EXTREMELY annoying kid and together they head to Vegas, slicing and dicing their way across the desert wasteland as they do battle with increasingly odd characters, including “Death” (who looks like the love child of Slash and Rob Zombie), and even go to Hell (it looks like a kindergarten version of Thunderdome). 


Six-String Samurai is a bizarre mixture of El Topo, Lone Wolf and Cub, The Road Warrior, A Fistful of Dollars, The Warriors and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels.  You can never tell if this is some kind of spoof, or if you’re supposed to take this thing seriously.  You may have fun spotting all the movies that this flick rips off from, but when all is said and done, that will be your main source of entertainment, so enjoy it.


The fight scenes themselves are clumsily choreographed and suffer (like everything else in the movie) from the film’s obviously low budget.  Falcon (who also co-wrote the screenplay) fails to make much of an impression as either a tight lipped hero OR a rock n’ roll star and the kid that accompanies him throughout the movie is mega irritating. 


Director Lance Mungia (who later went on to direct The Crow 4) gets an A for effort for trying to keep this mess together, but ultimately the film is too derivative for it’s own good.  It would have made a great comic book though. 

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