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The director of Splatter University, Richard W. Haines teamed up with Troma president Lloyd Kaufman for this fun flick about a high school (located in good ol’ Tromaville) that sits right next to a nuclear waste facility.  The local gang The Cretins (all former honor students, turned bad by nuclear waste) grow their pot on contaminated soil, which results in “an atomic high”.  When two innocent teens smoke it and have sex, the result is an amphibious mutant monster.  The climax has the gang riding their motorbikes down the school hallways while being massacred by the evil slimy monster.  (It looks like a cross between a dragon and a porcupine.)  It’s pretty much like The Class of 1984 Meets the Toxic Avenger.  While it comes nowhere near matching Avenger in terms of raunchy humor and outrageous gore, it’s not without its charms. The blood and slime quotient is fairly high (but well below Troma’s usual low standards), with most of it taking place during the final reel.  Followed by two sequels.

Tags: c, comedy, horror, troma
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