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100 RIFLES (1969) **

Burt Reynolds stars in this pokey paced oater as a half breed Indian who robs a bank to get enough cash to buy a cache of guns to fund an Indian uprising.  Jim Brown plays a black sheriff (years before Blazing Saddles made it fashionable) who heads down to Mexico to arrest him.  They end up being marked for death by the villainous railroad men played by Victor from Guiding Light, Fernando (“You look marvelous!”) Lamas and Dan (Robocop) O’Herlihy who want to wipe out the Indians and run the railroad through their land.  Reynolds eventually convinces Brown to join the revolution, much to the delight of the sexy mama Raquel Welch.


This has all the ingredients for a good western, but director Tom Gries stages the gun battles awkwardly, and drains them of any excitement they possibly may have had.  It doesn’t help when the capable cast isn’t given anything memorable to do either. 


Separately all three stars are great, but the problem is that they don’t have much chemistry with each other.  The much touted interracial love scene between Welch and Brown is kind of a fizzle as there are no sparks between the two.  Soledad (Vampiros Lesbos) Miranda has a brief, but saucy role as one of Reynolds’ conquests.  She seems more awake in this movie than anybody else in the movie and it’s a kind of shame she didn't have Raquel’s role.    


Gries later directed Helter Skelter. 

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