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NURSE SHERRI (1978) **


A religious cult leader gets stabbed to death by a bunch of greedy doctors on the operating table.  His soul takes the form of lemon and lime colored negative scratches that possess a cute nurse named Sherri (Jill Jacobson) while she sleeps.  In no time at all, Sherri starts talking in the cult leader’s voice and begins murdering the doctors responsible for his death.  First guy gets a pitchfork rammed though his back and out his stomach.  Next guy takes a trip to Screwdriver City.  Third guy falls into a pit of molten steel.  Then Sherri has a meat cleaver meltdown on the last guy.  In the end, Sherri’s candy striping co-workers help break the spirit’s evil spell by turning the cult leader’s gravesite into an open B-B-Q pit.    


I guess this was an interesting albeit awkward attempt to blend the low rent thrills of your basic Exorcist rip-off with the titillation of Roger Corman’s sexy “Nurse” movies.  It doesn’t quite work, but then again I’m a sucker for any movie in which nurses showcase their bedside manner by getting it on with their patients. 


The flick was directed by Al Adamson, and like any Adamson movie, there’s going to more than it’s share of filler.  There’s a car chase that serves no purpose whatsoever and whole sections of the film don’t make a heck of a lot of sense.  Like the scene where the spirit of the cult leader appears on a victim’s dashboard and forces him to drive off a cliff.  I mean hello, I thought the “spirit” was supposedly in Sherri’s body, so what the heck is it doing in the guy’s car?  (I will refrain from making an obvious “repossessing the car” joke.)  This scene also features a hilarious continuity error as the car goes over a cliff in the daytime, but it blows up at the bottom of the canyon at night. 


Like most of Adamson’s oeuvre, Nurse Sherri is sloppy, disjointed, and erratically paced, but that doesn’t necessarily make it unwatchable.  The film’s chief asset (besides a few hints of T & A) is a fine performance by Jacobson.  She’s pretty good, but for a movie called Nurse Sherri, she’s not in it as much as you’d think.  Jacobson doesn’t get an opportunity to really strut her stuff because there are way too many extraneous characters and subplots (like the blind football player who falls in love with a black nurse) that get in the way.


The flick is chockfull of bad dialogue, which adds to the fun.  Some of my favorites include “Your powers are finite.  Mine are limitless!”, “I’ll introduce you to the bliss that lies on the border to Hell!”, and “One ingrown toenail and it’s the big casino!”


AKA:  Beyond the Living.  AKA:  Black Voodoo.  AKA:  Hands of Death.  AKA:  Hospital of Terror.  AKA:  Killer’s Curse.  AKA:  Terror Hospital.  AKA:  The Possession of Nurse Sherri.

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