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Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, and Bobby Jordan all return for the sixth installment in the long running East Side Kids/Bowery Boys series. 


In this so-so entry, Danny (Jordan) gets swayed away from the prospect of college by a couple of hoodlums, while Muggs (Gorcey) gets hauled off to reform school and gets roped into stepping into the boxing ring to defend the honor of the Bowery.  Predictably the gangsters also want Muggs to throw the big Golden Gloves boxing tournament.  When Danny gets shot by the cops, Muggs donates blood to save him which weakens him for the big fight.  Naturally Danny recovers, Muggs wins the match, and the gangsters get sent to the big house.      


There’s one or two bits of comic inspiration (the scene where Muggs cons a shopkeeper out of a Coke is especially memorable), but the ungainly plot suffocates a lot of the film’s momentum.  Gorcey does a fine job as usual, but the constantly mugging Hall gets most of the film’s funny lines like:  “You’ll get poison ivory!”

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