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CLERKS 2 (2006) ****

12 years later, Kevin Smith returns to where it all started with slacker extraordinaires Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson).  And this time it’s in COLOR!  In the opening scene, we learn that the beloved Quik Stop convenience store has burned down (Randal left the coffee pot on.) and the duo are now working at a fast food restaurant Mooby’s (Clerks fans will recognize Mooby’s from Dogma.).  The movie chronicles Dante’s last day of work before moving off to Florida with his overbearing fiancée (Jennifer Schwalbach, Smith’s wife) to start a new life.  The barebones plot is just another excuse for some great Smith dialogue that ranks among his best.  Randal’s tirades about Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings with his geeky co-worker Elias (Trevor Fehrman) is vintage Smith at its best.  Not to mention Randal’s ignorance about racial slurs and his attempts to “take them back”.  Of course Jay and Silent Bob show up for their usual mischief, and the donkey show (err… “Interspecies erotica”) finale has to be seen to be believed.  

Smith’s new additions to the “View Askewniverse” are also welcome and memorable.  Rosario (Sin City) Dawson as Dante’s boss Becky is wonderful and showcases her dance moves as she rocks out to The Jackson 5’s “ABC”.  (There’s also a John Landis styled, Blues Brothers-esque dance number as well.)  The best addition though is Elias.  His repressed Christianity/Rings/Transformers obsessions aside, he’s a really great character and a good foil for Randal’s more obscene musings.  Smith regulars Ben Affleck and Jason Lee also show up briefly and Wanda Sykes has a funny cameo.  While the color kinda removes some of the original’s gritty charm, it doesn’t matter because the jokes are as off color as ever.  

The only debit the film has is that in the end, Dante is basically an asshole.  (He more or less breaks his fiancée’s heart, though she in no real way was a bad person, just not “right” for him.)  The film also threatens to veer off into Chasing Amy territory near the end with a “dramatic ending”, but Smith narrowly sidesteps full blown dramatics.  On the whole, it’s not as funny as Clerks but a step above Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.

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