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COFFY (1973) ****

In Pam Grier's first starring role she plays Coffy, a sexy nurse who's rubbing out the dope pushers responsible for getting her little sister hooked.  In the film's electrifying opening scene, she seduces a Pusher Man back to his crib and blows his head off with a shotgun in glorious detail.  "THIS IS THE END OF YOUR ROTTEN LIFE YOU MOTHERFUCKING DOPE PUSHER!"  

The always great Sid (The Devil's Rejects) Haig, Grier's frequent co-star, plays a hitman named Omar who puts Coffy's cop friend in a coma (he also takes the time out to grope Coffy while she's unconscious).  Robocop's Robert Doqui plays a pusher/pimp named King George (who's accompanied by a cool theme song).  The film's most outrageous scene has Coffy pretending to be a Jamaican hooker to infiltrate George's ranks to get in close to the main white gangster named Vitroni (Allan Arbus) who's moving the dope on the black community.  When George's jealous main squeeze humiliates Coffy at a party, Coffy puts razor blades in her hair and instigates an all out catfight.  When the bitchy white whore grabs Coffy by the hair, she gets a nice bloody surprise.  Coffy finds out her boyfriend congressman is the main man behind the drug trafficking, and he sells her out to Vitroni.  After knocking off Vitroni and his goons she comes back for her boyfriend, who coolly talks his way out of getting killed.  She forgives him for helping her sister get caught up with dope, for selling her out to Vitroni and his men and for leaving her for dead.  Of course, when she finds out his boning a white woman, she blows his balls off with a shotgun!  

Writer/director Jack (Spider Baby) Hill's crisp dialogue, fast paced action sequences and over the top sex and violence, along with Grier's dynamic performance makes this one hell of an action movie.  Grier is tough, sexy and sassy and gives one of the greatest performances by an actress in the 70's.  It's Grier's best movie and it's the best Blaxploitation movie ever made.  Grier and Haig teamed up again for Hill for the next year's Foxy Brown.

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