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Bruce Li stars The Tiger, a devoted disciple of Bruce Lee.  After Lee’s death, Tiger visits his grave and vows to find the person responsible for killing his master.  He poses as Bruce Lee and says his death was a “publicity gimmick” to draw out the murderers.  Turns out it was the Mob who killed Bruce Lee and now they’re after The Tiger too.  Tiger karate chops his way through the Mob’s ranks until he squares off against the kingpin on the beach for the climatic final kung fu battle.  


Li was one of the better Bruce Lee imitators (check him out in The Blind Fist of Bruce) but he isn’t given a heck of a lot to do in this movie except wear giant sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts and pretend to be Bruce Lee.  It also doesn’t help when the film is light on action (it takes almost a half an hour to get to the first major fight scene), most of which takes place in either junkyards or warehouses.  There is one halfway decent fight scene where Li tussles with a giant oaf of a man and one particularly violent encounter with some gangsters who torture him with a blowtorch.  Other than that, it’s yet another middling Bruceploitation clunker. 


The film also features stock footage of Lee’s funeral and the main title theme was stolen from Isaac Hayes’ score for Three Tough Guys.  Director Tso Nam Lee later re-teamed with Li for Fists of Fury 2 and 3. 


AKA:  Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger.

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