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Dragon (Muscle of the Dragon) Lee and Carter (Big Trouble in Little China) Wong star in the middle of the road kung fu flick about a grave robbing fiend in a scary looking Halloween mask who steals precious family relics out of people’s tombs.  He makes the mistake of killing Dragon Lee’s dad, and that pisses him off royally.  Lee has just achieved the rank of Kung Fu Master so he knows how to kick ass and take names, and he sets out for revenge.  Since everyone thinks it was Dragon’s poppa who vandalized the graves, they come after Dragon wanting to kick his ass for swiping the family jewels.  So now not only does Dragon have to deal with the masked graverobber, he’s got to worry about every looney who wants a piece of him too.  When he learns that the villain is sensitive to light, Dragon dons armor made entirely of mirrors to reflect sunlight into his eyes in order to defeat him.    


With the exception of one or two decent fight scenes (like the perplexing run-in with a dude who looks like a cross between Dracula and El Santo), there’s very little worth recommending about Mission for the Dragon.  Lee makes for a decent hero, but there are way too many superfluous supporting characters that get in the way of his karate chopping and slow the plot down considerably.  He also has an annoying comedic sidekick who talks with a grating Cockney accent and has a gigantic wart on his nose that wears out his welcome pretty fast.   


Director Godfrey (Diamond Ninja Force) Ho was never known for making movies that made a whole lot of sense, but this flick actually has a plot.  The problem is that it has way too much plot and not enough kung fu.  Fans of Dragon Lee may want to check it out though, if only for the climatic mirror armor fight. 


AKA:  Rage of the Dragon.

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