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Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle is notable for being the first Black Emanuelle movie in which Laura Gemser actually received billing.  (In the first Black Emanuelle movie she was credited as simply “Emanuelle”.)  Other than that, it’s a complete waste of time.  

The film finds Emanuelle, “the world’s most famous model” running around the desert aimlessly with her asshole photographer (Gemser’s real life husband Gabriele Tinti).  He makes Emanuelle pose nude next to a dead dog and when she doesn’t do it sexy enough for his liking he yells at her.  Next he makes her pose naked next to a bunch of slaughtered villagers and when she doesn’t do it sexy enough for his liking, he yells at her and slaps her.  Then he makes her pose naked on top of a huge pile of shit and when she refuses, he yells at her, slaps her, then rapes her.  In the end, she gets hypnotized by a sex guru (Al Cliver from Zombie) who makes her sacrifice a goat, drink it’s blood then get naked and have a conniption. 


You know, a chick flick. 


I happen to think that Gemser is one of the sexiest women in the world, but even she can’t make borderline bestiality/necrophilia hot.  While the flick has an adequate amount of female skin on display, the bizarre scenes of Gemser popping her tit out and hunkering down next to a dead dog baking in the hot sun is enough to kill any erection you may have built up. 


The “normal” sex scenes aren’t erotic in the least and feature a couple of the butchest looking lesbians you’re likely ever to see.  In one scene, Cliver gets it on with two women at the same time, but for whatever reason he keeps his head in some old geezer’s lap the WHOLE TIME.  Who the heck thought this was sexy?  There is one great scene where Cliver busts a nut on some girl’s face, but other than that the movie is an utter disappointment. 


Even the weaker entries in Gemser’s Black Emanuelle series have their moments of zany inspiration or erotic tension, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is absolutely worthless.  I guess that’s to be expected when your movie is called Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle and the girl playing “Black” Emanuelle is actually Indonesian.  Add that to the fact that there is NO WHITE WOMAN NAMED EMANUELLE in sight!  Argh. 


At least Tinti gets to overact like a madman and delivers the movie’s only memorable dialogue like “All this fuss over a few dead Arabs!” and “My camera is my eye, my nose, my penis!”


AKA:  Emanuelle, Black and White.  AKA:  Passion Plantation.

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