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Bruce Le stars as Ching Wu, a kung fu expert who kicks ass in Japanese occupied WWII era China.  The dirty Japs go around systematically closing down Chinese karate schools and when they murder Bruce’s brother, he goes out for revenge.  He roams around the countryside getting into kung fu battles and swordfights with Japanese soldiers all in the name of vengeance.  After the Japanese top brass get wind of his activities, he hightails it to Korea to train with his master.  The bad guys send a gang of bad muthas that include Bolo (Enter the Dragon) Yeung and a dude with a Hitler moustache to Korea to find Bruce and whoop him good.  They make a pit stop to kill his master and rape his daughter first, and that makes Bruce REAL mad.  You can probably guess what happens after that.  Le spends the next 20 minutes kung fuing the crap out of Japanese dudes. 


As much as I like watching Le and Yeung, this flick gives them nothing memorable to do.  This is pretty much your (below) average Chinese period piece with a few half assed kung fu sequences tossed in.  It moves at a snail’s pace and it’s extremely hard to tell who is who as all the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese dudes all look alike.  That’s not a slam against Asian people in general, just the chuckleheads that are in this movie.   


The action sequences look like they were choreographed by a retarded five year old and the dubbing is some of the worse I’ve seen.  At least there’s an occasional tit or two that’ll keep you from completely dozing off on this turd. 


In the end, Le gets gunned down by a firing squad, but that didn’t stop him from returning for the sequel the next year. 


AKA:  Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu.  AKA:  Bruce vs. Black Dragon.  AKA:  Shadow of the Snake Wizard.

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