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A wise old kung fu master brings Bruce Le back to life after being gunned down by Japanese soldiers in the first movie.  When the Japanese learn that Le has come back from the dead, they send out some soldiers to kill him AGAIN.  After Le’s master is murdered at the hands of the scumbag soldiers, Le vows to get revenge AGAIN.  This time he gets ANOTHER master to teach him Tae Kwon Do in order to take on the Japs. 


This is pretty much the same movie as the first one.  All the same stuff happens.  Bruce still looks like a deer in the headlights and talks in a horribly dubbed voice.  Even the fight scenes are pretty much the same (it looks like Stevie Wonder was the stunt coordinator), that is to say they are extremely weak. 


All the same people involved in Part 1 were responsible for this mess too.  You’d think they’d learn from the (numerous) mistakes they made on the first movie and try to improve on the formula, but alas, this one sucks llama cunt too.  What makes things worse this time out is that it takes FOREVER for Bruce to get resurrected and regain his strength to the point of actually taking his revenge.  Also, too much time is spent on the Japanese soldiers plotting to kill Bruce and not enough on them actually doing it.   


What makes this heap of hyena dung memorable (at least more memorable than the first movie that is) is that the familiar theme from The Young and the Restless is heard during the more “dramatic” scenes of the movie.  Every time you hear it (and you’ll hear it A LOT), you’ll half expect Victor to show up and punch Bruce’s lights out. 


AKA:  Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu.

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