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FIST OF FURY 2 (1977) **

Bruce Li stars as Bruce Lee’s brother in this sequel to the classic Fist of Fury.  Not only did the villains murder his brother in the first movie, but they refuse to let his body be buried in their cemetery too.  This pisses Li off royally, but since he is a pacifist, he refuses to fight.  To instigate him, the bad guys go around whacking Bruce’s nearest and dearest until he finally says, okay I’ll karate chop the crap out of you with my deadly kung fu. 


If you thought you already saw a Fist of Fury sequel that basically went through all the same motions, it’s because you probably did.  That one was called New Fist of Fury and it starred Jackie Chan.  It actually came out BEFORE Fist of Fury 2, but this is still called Part 2 anyway (unless you get the copy that’s labeled Part 3 that is).  It’s marginally better than New Fist of Fury because Li is more adept at playing a “serious” role than Chan was (his forte after all, is comedy and you could tell he was visibly uncomfortable being labeled “The New Bruce Lee”), but of course, this is nowhere near the same league as the original. 


The film features an inane comic relief sidekick who’s pretty grating, but what’s more annoying is the fact that Bruce waits around for an infinity before he finally reforms his wimp ways and decides to start kicking heiney.  The action scenes are mediocre at best, but Bruce’s charisma will keep you watching though.  As per usual, the dubbing is ludicrous but some of the dialogue (“My mother cried her eyes out, that’s why she’s blind”.) is priceless. 


AKA:  Chinese Connection 2.  AKA:  Fist of Fury 3.  AKA:  Fistful of the Dragon.

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