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JUNEBUG (2005) ** ½


A British art dealer (Embeth Davidtz from Army of Darkness) falls head over heels in love with Alessandro (Face/Off) Nivola and they quickly get married.  When she goes down South to sign an oddball painter (who has a penchant for drawing scrotumless Negro slaves), they decide to visit Nivola’s eccentric family.  His brother (Ben McKenzie) and his irrepressibly sweet wife (Amy Adams from Enchanted) are expecting a baby, but all McKenzie does is work on his car and watch television all day.  Davidtz and Adams become fast friends and quickly take to painting each other’s fingernails, but when she goes to close her vital art deal, Adams goes into labor.  Will she be there at the hospital to join the rest of her “family”, or will her career be more important?


Junebug is one of those independent comedies that is filled with quirky characters and situations, but little else.  Like most independent comedies these days, the movie also features some pretty annoying music that will drive you batty.  Although the film earns points for not giving into the usual clichés (the ending is especially depressing), overall, it’s little more than your average fish out of water story.  


Adams’ performance makes it worth checking out if you happen upon it on IFC one night.  She fills her character with enough radiant glow to make you think she actually IS pregnant.  Even though she talks about a mile a minute in a thick southern twang, her unsinkable pluckiness is quite winning and she has a gift for making what could have been a potentially irritating character likable because she’s so charming. 

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