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After a worldwide plague, there’s only a small group of moonshine swigging survivors left.  They’re led by George (Airport) Kennedy, live in an underground missile silo and routinely go to the surface to look for other survivors.  When they are out and about, they try not to get eaten by hideously mutated “gargoyles” that populate the desert.  (I thought gargoyles were supposed to have wings, but obviously producer Roger Corman was too cheap to spring for them.)  One day, they find a female wandering around and bring her back down into their compound.  They run some tests on her and discover that she’s pregnant. 


Okay, so now we’re halfway through this flick and I’m about to start dozing off when… BAM the chick goes into labor and a slimy monster jumps out of her uterus!  


I’m awake now. 


The slimy monster gets loose in the compound and grows at an accelerated rate.  When it grows to full size it kinda looks like what Arnold Schwarzenegger would like if you ripped all the skin off his body and sewed it back on inside out.  It goes running around air conditioning ducts, clawing out the throats of all the guys and raping all the women he can get his ugly mitts on.  In the end, a dog whistle is used to combat the creature and hero Andrew Stevens blows everything up using his would-be catchphrase:  “Adios motherfucker!”     


You’ve seen all of this done before, just not with George Kennedy. 


When it comes to plot, pacing, believable characters, and suspense, director Thierry Notz fails miserably.  At least the man knows how to film monster births and mutant rape convincingly. 


This flick is pretty bad, but I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for any movie featuring mutants with the libido of Charlie Sheen.  The birth of the monster scene is a classic of it’s kind (it’s kinda like a cross between the chest bursting scene in Alien and the birthing scene in It’s Alive) and utilizes lots of Heinz 57.  It’s definitely worth sitting through this mess to get to it.  Besides the stellar birthing scene, there’s also a great neck wound that spurts open like a pack of grape flavored Gushers.


Roger Corman had been producing Alien rip-offs since the early 80’s, so this was just another day at the office for him.  Andrew Stevens did such a good job hitting his marks that Corman let him write and direct the sequel, which was released the following year. 


Star (Ghoulies 2) Andreeff and Terri (House 4) Treas co-star as potential mutant mating material, but it’s Stevens who gets the best line of the movie when he asks, “When’s the last time you saw a premature fetus move like that?”

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