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MANEATER (2007) *


A man eating Bengal tiger gets loose in a small town and starts swallowing up townsfolk.  Gary Busey of all people plays the sheriff who’s out to stop it.  Of course the tiger happens to be eating people during the town’s “Apple Fest” and the wild eyed mayor will do anything to make it a success; maneating tiger or no.  After a few National Guardsmen get turned into Tiger Chow, a big game hunter arrives to get himself a trophy. 


Yup, it’s another Jaws rip-off, except it’s a Bengal tiger instead of a Great White Shark. 


Even though this was a Sci-Fi Channel Original, there is nothing remotely Sci-Fi about it.  The tiger isn’t some bioengineered freak of nature, just your average refugee from Animal Planet.  The gore is OK, but it mostly consists of the severed limbs (arms, chewed off faces, etc.) the tiger leaves in it’s wake than actual clawing and maulings. 


You’d think the casting of someone like Busey would elevate this shitfest somewhat, but he sleepwalks through the movie and displays none of his patented craziness you’d come to expect from him.  He’s given very little to work with and gets nothing memorable to do.  That means it’s up to a Bible thumping mama to get the movie’s best line:  “You got Job and I got a job!”

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