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MOSQUITO (1995) **


A spaceship crash lands in the forest and a swarm of mosquitoes feast on the carcasses of the aliens and grow to massive size.  The enormous insects soon take to sucking the blood out of a bunch of rowdy campers, and we’re not talking just a few drops, we’re talking gallons.  We’re talking about draining people until there’s only a dried up husk left.  In the end, the survivors board up an abandoned house and pretty soon we got Night of the Living Mosquitoes. 


The stop motion effects aren’t great but they sure as heck beat the cruddy CGI effects you see nowadays on the Sci-Fi Channel.  The POV shots of the stalking mosquitoes are also better than expected and the carnage the big ass bloodsuckers wreck is also fairly decent.  In one scene a guy gets swarmed by a bunch of them and when they suck his blood out, it causes his eyeballs to pop out Total Recall style and explode.  The film’s standout scene though is when a mosquito impales a naked chick on the ass with it’s proboscis!  


The cast is game.  Former Stooges bassist Ron Asheton is the comic relief park ranger, Josh Becker (the director of Running Time, a personal favorite) plays a camper, and Gunnar (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Hansen plays a backstabbing thief.  In one scene, he holds a chainsaw and remarks, “I haven’t held one of these in twenty years!”  But it’s the cut rate Isaac Hayes impersonator who gets the movie’s best line:  “You’re living in science fact!” 


Mosquito works in fits and starts and while it has moments of occasional invention, for the most part it’s just another giant killer insect movie. I’ve sat through worse giant killer insect movies, that’s for sure.  It’s no Ticks, but it’ll do in a pinch I guess.  At least the explanation of how the mosquitoes got so big is rather novel and doesn’t involve some sort of half assed government bioengineering experiment.  Or a mad scientist.  Or toxic waste.  Or atomic energy. 


AKA:  Blood Fever.  AKA:  Night Swarm.

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