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Olinka Hardiman stars as Emanuelle in this unofficial sequel from producer Dick (Pieces) Randall.  Emanuelle desperately wants to forget her life as a stripper and part time prostitute, so she leaves her manipulative pimp and heads to the Cannes Film Festival where she hopes she’ll be discovered and become a star.  Once there, she dances naked on the beach, balls an actor on a yacht and has a lesbian tryst with a female director.  Even though she gets a part in a movie, she still longs for the indifferent embrace of her misogynistic pimp and in the end, has him fly out to France to pick her up and put her back on the street corner where she belongs. 


You know, for a piecemeal, filmed on the sly, cheapjack sequel, Emanuelle Goes to Cannes works better than it should.  You can tell somebody just took Hardiman to the Cannes Film Festival, filmed her walking around town and then tried to pass it off as an Emanuelle movie.   (The film would make a good double feature with Fanatic in that respect.)  The filmmakers nicely capture the atmosphere of the Cannes Film Festival, although admittedly all they needed to do was grab a camera and walk around their hotel.  It’s fun seeing billboards announcing “upcoming” movies such as Bad Timing, The Big Brawl, and Carbon Copy, all films which found distribution long before this flick did.  We don’t see any human stars walking along the Riviera, but we DO get to see Benji being interviewed!  I don’t know about you, but the cheap thrill of seeing Benji in a low rent Emanuelle sequel is almost enough to make me want to recommend this flick. 


The sex scenes aren’t very titillating, but they have a certain charm about them.  Consider the scene where Emanuelle catches her pimp cheating on her with another ho and he slyly convinces her into having a threesome so he wouldn’t be technically cheating.  It’s far from a realistic reaction, but it’s pretty amusing. 


Although the flick is fun, and whizzes by at a steady clip (it runs a scant 75 minutes), it still has more than it’s share of debits.  The biggest problem is erratic editing.  It looks like it was originally filmed as a hardcore flick because the editing is quite jarring during the sex scenes (especially whenever someone is getting a humjob).  The slipshod cutting diffuses the sexual tension of these scenes and interrupts the flow of the debauchery.  Emanuelle’s constant voiceovers don’t help matters any.  She frequently inform us on all things happening in the past, present and future, but the real reason she’s always narrating is because it saves the producers lots of money on the dubbing.  There’s also an annoying song that goes “Ting-ta-ta-ting-ting-ting!” a thousand times or so, that will literally drive you up the fucking wall.


Hardiman is quite good and carries the movie with a modicum of pulchritude.  She has a sluttiness about her that is very natural and she never once looks like she’s “acting”, which is the best compliment I can give her I guess.  She also gets the best line of the entire movie when she says:  “He had me trained like a seal, only it wasn’t a horn I had to blow!”


AKA:  The Elementary Stud.

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