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Jess (Succubus) Franco directed this awful fake Emanuelle movie and it’s the worse one since Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle.  Inconfessable?  Insufferable is more like it!


Emanuelle (Vicky Adams) and her newlywed husband go to a wax museum which gets them so hot and horny that they screw right in front of the display of Humphrey Bogart.  Then they go to a strip club owned by a wealthy nobleman (who also narrates) where Emanuelle gets it on with a space cadet stripper (on stage no less).  After that experience, she swears off men and just makes out with nothing but over the hill lesbian strippers.  This creates a noticeable rift in the marriage (seeing your wife make out with nothing but sexagenarian strippers has a way of bruising the fragile male ego) and they separate.  While her husband takes to banging his neighbor, the vile nobledude plans to corrupt Emanuelle by hiring a bunch of guys to gang rape her, which turns her into a full fledged slut. 


The sex scenes in this flick go on FOREVER, which normally wouldn’t be a problemo if they were sexy, but for the most part (with the exception of the opening wax museum fuck) the movie is completely devoid of any eroticism.  Oh there’s plenty of soft core sex to go around, but it’s shot, edited and performed so stiffly that you shouldn’t expect to be aroused by any of it.   


The movie also features some of the unsexiest stripping ever seen on the silver screen.  The one chick just kinda takes her clothes off and slowly rocks back and forth from side to side as if she was in an Ambien induced coma.  After she finally bares it all (it takes about ten minutes) she coos, “Don’t you want to taste my goodies?”  I’ve seen better at Lui’s Canton Inn on a Thursday night.  (Of course this girl still had all her teeth, but that’s beside the point.)  Adams looks great naked, but the rest of the women in this flick look more like Alpo poster children than sex sirens.  That is to say they are some serious dogs in the cast.  Honestly, these broads would have fared better with a grocery bag over their heads during their sex scenes than displaying what God gave them. 


The dubbing is equally atrocious.  I mean that’s to be expected from a Jess Franco flick, but come on now.  It’s generally accepted that the dialogue will be haphazardly dubbed in, but the panting and moaning during the sex is even worse.  This one scene where Emanuelle’s hubby is going down on a chick is priceless.  He’s got his head buried in her twat and he keeps on breathing heavier than Darth Vader.  I mean what’s the heck is he doing down there, giving her pussy CPR?!?!


Adams (AKA:  Muriel Montosse) also starred in Franco’s Cecilia the same year.  


AKA:  Emanuelle Forever.  AKA:  Emanuelle Exposed.

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