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A ninja traps his evil master’s spirit in a vase and 500 years later it winds up being auctioned off in modern day China to a wealthy industrialist.  He hires a fake exorcist to bless the evil urn who accidentally unleashes the spirit when he drops cigar ash into the vase.  The spirit possesses the industrialist and he sets out to spread his evil throughout the world.  The “demon” has magic powers, like being able to turn a lamp into a trident, make televisions look like babies, and turn belts into snakes.  The only way to keep the monster in check is to wave a blanket at it.  Finally, the ancestor of the ninja who trapped the spirit 500 years ago arrives on the scene to put his ass back in the vase.  


If you can’t already tell, there are no vampires and very little busting going on in this flick.


You got to sit through a lot of rigmarole involving slimy gangsters, phony fortune tellers and unfunny comic relief sidekicks before you get to the demon fighting and when you finally do get down to the nitty gritty, it’s not worth the wait.  Like most Chinese fantasy horror movies, the special effects consist of lots of flashy lights and people flying around on wires.  The flick also features more false scares than you can shake a fried wonton at. 


Everyone refers to the monster as a “demon” and NOT a vampire, which leads me to believe that this was just re-titled to cash in on the Mr. Vampire craze of the late 80’s.  There may be no vampires in this flick, but one thing is for sure, it definitely does suck. 


Best line:  “I’m headed to asshole street!”

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