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THE BANK JOB (2008) ** ½

Jason (In the Name of the King:  A Dungeon Siege Tale) Statham stars in this solid but unspectacular heist flick (based on a true story) from director Roger (The Getaway) Donaldson.  Saffron (Deep Blue Sea) Burrows co-stars as a sultry chick who ropes Statham and his crew of miscreants into robbing a bank.  Actually, she’s in cahoots with the British Secret Service who want to get their hands on some incriminating (not to mention embarrassing) photos of a member of royalty that are locked up in one of the safety deposit boxes.  The robbery goes off without a hitch, but things get complicated when the crew comes into possession of MORE incriminating photos (this time they’re of members of Parliament) AND a sleazy porn king’s secret ledger of all the dirty cops in London.  So not only are the regular cops after them, but also the dirty cops, the Secret Service, half of the London underworld, and even a handful of black revolutionaries too.  


Donaldson is a seasoned pro and keeps the plot twists coming right along.  None of the twists and turns are particularly earth shattering or mind blowing, but what they lack in surprise, they more than make up for in sheer number.  Statham is excellent as usual and Burrows does a fine job playing the unlikely femme fatale, but none of the other cast members are quite in the same league as those two leads.  To make a heist flick work, you need a variety of colorful supporting characters, each with their own specialty.  This one features a washed up porn star, a fake military colonel and a Greek tunneler, but they never fully gel as a team. 


If the supporting characters had more chemistry together, it could have elevated The Bank Job into three star territory.  Statham’s considerable charisma can only carry the movie so far, but it still makes for another decent notch in his cinematic belt.  The film is far from being a botched job, but don’t go in expecting another Getaway. 


A fussy member of Parliament gets the movie’s best line when he calls a hooker “a conniving cunt!”

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