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THAT MAN BOLT (1973) * ½

Fred Williamson stars in this tedious blaxploitation flick as Jefferson Bolt, certified bad ass.  When we first meet Bolt he’s practicing kung fu in a Hong Kong prison cell, only to be sprung by some English honkies who want him to act as a courier and smuggle a million dollars into Mexico.  When they try to double cross Bolt he beats the shit out of them in the bathroom.  He then heads to Las Vegas to meet up with his best gal Teresa (Get Christie Love!) Graves for a quick booty call.  Once he gets her into bed though, the bad guys show up and try to kill him, but since she’s on top at the time, she gets killed instead.  This pisses Bolt off to no end and he goes out for revenge.  Along the way he is subjected to acupuncture torture, beats up a lot of chumps using a fistful of firecrackers, and throws an obvious dummy out of a ten story building. 


Bolt is sort of like a half assed blaxploitation version of James Bond, but he is too clumsily written to make much of an impression and his catchphrase “Charming!” is kinda weak.  At 103 minutes, the film is way too long for it’s own good.   The set-up is longwinded, the pacing is awfully sluggish, and the plot endlessly goes around in circles, which can make things tough going at times.  The Hong Kong locations and a modicum of kung fu helps, but can’t overcome the sheer overlength of the film and a decided lack of action. 


I'll pretty much watch Williamson in anything, but even I have to admit, this movie sucked nuts.  Williamson’s considerable charisma helps out when things are particularly languid, although at times he seems like a supporting character in his own movie.  Graves is fine in her brief role and she even gets to perform two songs, including a cover of Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady”.


Naturally, Williams gets all the best lines like:  “He poked me in the mouth with a .38.  He said he’d make me eat it.  I wasn’t hungry”, and “I’m gong to destroy that bastard!”

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