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SHAMPOO (1975) **

Warren Beatty stars as a promiscuous hairdresser in the 60’s who has sex with a lot of women.  He tries to get a business loan from Jack Warden to open up his own beauty salon, but unbeknownst to Warden, Beatty is sticking it to not only his wife (Lee Grant), but his mistress (Julie Christie) as well.  Goldie Hawn and Carrie Fisher (in her film debut) also play a few of Beatty’s many booty calls.  Oh yeah, and since it’s a 70’s movie, it ends on a downer. 


I like Warren Beatty a lot (heck, I even liked Bulworth), but I just didn’t like his character in this flick.  I know he’s supposed to be a bed-hopping asshole, but he didn’t make his character very appealing and he was completely devoid of his usual charisma.  The supporting poontang was OK, and I enjoyed seeing fleeting glimpses of their major assets, but even they couldn’t save this mess. 


The biggest problem with the movie is that it lacks a real cohesive narrative.  Screenwriter Robert (Chinatown) Towne’s screenplay is all over the place and some of director Hal (Harold and Maude) Ashby’s stylish touches add nothing to the proceedings.  Also, I know it’s a period piece, but how many Nixon references, peace signs and fucking Beatles songs do you have to play before we get the fucking point!   

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