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Kurt Russell stars in his first in a series of three films for Disney as Dexter Riley, a slacker college student who in this installment gets zapped by the school’s new computer and instantly becomes a genius.  Dexter tours the world and also competes on a televised “College Knowledge” game show.  Of course, the computer also contained data for illegal casino owner A.J. Arno (Caesar Romero) and when Dexter accidentally sputters out the names of Arno’s casinos on live television, he has Dexter kidnapped.  Luckily Dexter’s friends rescue him in the nick of time so he can win the school $100,000 on the quiz show.  Russell with his “Aw, shucks” persona is quite winning in the lead but the great supporting cast (including Joe Flynn, William Schallert and Richard Bakalyan) are equally memorable.  It’s all kind of innocuous, but that’s part of the movie’s charm.  It all seems dated now (the “computer” takes up half the room), but I grew up on these movies and they still hold up.  Dexter’s next, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t is even better.  This was later remade (with Kirk Cameron) in 1995.

Tags: c, comedy, kids, kurt russell
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