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Remember in the early 90’s when everybody was making From Hell movies?  Like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, which was the Babysitter From Hell Movie.  Or Unlawful Entry, the Cop From Hell Movie.  And The Crush, the Jailbait From Hell Movie.  Single White Female is the Roommate From Hell Movie and it’s actually one of the better efforts to come out of the subgenre. 


Bridget Fonda flips out when she discovers her fiancé Steven Weber is cheating on her and forces him to move out.  She gets frumpy Jennifer Jason Leigh to move in to help out with the rent and they soon become fast friends and go shopping together.  But when Weber weasels his way back into Bridget’s heart, Leigh snaps and kills her dog.  Pretty soon, Leigh starts styling her hair like Fonda, stealing her clothes, killing her friends and tries to literally take over her life.   


What could have been another standard issue erotic thriller is benefited greatly by the excellent cast.  Fonda and Leigh are both outstanding in the leads, but their “acting” talents take a back seat to their other “assets”.  Fonda gets nekkid (from the backside at least) and Leigh shows off her rack A LOT, which is always a good thing.  The scene where she’s masturbating up a storm is also pretty awesome too. 


Director Barbet (Reversal of Fortune) Schroeder keeps the plot chugging along and resists many of the usual clichés inherent in the genre.  The violence in the flick is kinda muted, but the high heel to the eyeball gag is reminiscent of Argento.  Followed thirteen years later by a direct to DVD sequel. 

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