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You sorta get a sinking feeling of despair when you see the cover of a thirteen years after the fact direct to DVD sequel with the words “ALL NEW FEATURE FILM!” on the box. 


In the imaginatively titled Single White Female 2:  The Psycho, the horse-faced Kristen Miller fucks her client so her PR firm will handle his account.  When her sexy roommate (Brooke Burns) fucks him too, she promptly moves out.  (Since Miller has the face of Mr. Ed, you really can’t blame the dude for cheating on her.)  She moves in with the non-descript Allison Lange and if you’ve seen the first movie, you pretty much know what to expect.  Lange becomes the Roommate From Hell and starts dying her hair like Miller, starts impersonating her, begins hanging out in seedy underground S & M clubs, and starts killing off her friends.      


Single White Female 2:  The Psycho is actually a lot like the Roommate From Hell herself.  Whereas the character is a dumpy chick who dresses herself up like her prettier and more successful roommate and becomes intent on sullying her good name, this flick is a dumpy direct to DVD sequel dressing itself up like a respectable movie with the intention of ruining the good name of the original film. 


The biggest stumbling block of the movie is that Miller’s character just isn’t very likable from the get-go.  I mean she basically fucks her client just to get his business, which pretty much makes her a slut.  Sluts are hard to sympathize with, especially if they’re the main character.  She also goes through her roommate’s stuff when she’s not there, which makes her something of a bitch too.  Add that to the fact that she sets her roommate up on a blind date with a scumbag.  She also spies on Lange constantly too, so in my book, this cunt gets everything that’s coming to her. 


The performances are extremely weak and neither Miller nor Lange makes much of an impression.  It doesn’t help when this atrocity doesn’t have any connection to the first film and is nothing more than just a thin retread of the original.  (Even some of the dialogue is exactly the same.)  Unlike that flick, which had the benefit of some scintillating nudity, this one is pretty much skin free (the sole exception being a couple briefly seen extras in the S & M club).  Most of the nudity comes in the form of stunt cleavage, but even then, the stunt tits are only shown from the side.  I mean Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh may have been big stars when the first movie came out, but that didn’t stop them from baring their bodies.  Miller and Lange are complete unknowns, so you’d think they’d want to get some attention by showcasing their goods.  I mean with Miller’s horse face problem, you’d think she’d want to at least make up for it by showing off her bod (which doesn’t look that bad), but alas, nothing. 


If you have fond memories of the original Single White Female, avoid this period-stain at all costs.  If you’re a masochist who needs to see every shitty direct to DVD sequel out there, by all means knock yourself out.   

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