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An old Italian dude runs the aptly named Quickie Motel where a variety of customers come for romantic romps, seedy sex and afternoon delights.  The customers include a horny businessman and his seductive secretary, an unhappy couple looking to rekindle their romance, a newlywed who runs all over town looking for condoms to cut down on “the population explosion”, a cheating wife who swindles her prospecting lover before partaking in some light S & M with her husband, a sailor and his insatiable barroom pick-up, and a guy who unwittingly shacks up with a transvestite. 


The sex scenes probably won’t turn you on, but at least there is an abundance of nudity and some really swinging big band music to keep you semi-entertained.  The framing device featuring the motel owner and his pesky nephew is pretty irritating and features a lot of stale jokes (everyone signs the guestbook with the name “Jones”), but whenever the flick stays in the bedroom, it’s rather enjoyable.


Like all these “Confidential” movies directed by A.C. (Fugitive Girls) Stephens (Suburbia Confidential and College Girls Confidential were the others in the “series”), it’s in black and white, is filled with tame sex scenes (all the guys keep their pants on during sex), and features some hilarious one-liners like “I have something very big in mind for you!”, “I’m all spread out and ready to work!”, and “Oh no, a fag in drag!” 

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