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John Savage stars in this middling low budget drama from Crown International Pictures as a hippie drifter who returns home to stay with his family.  His brother used to be a big shot author, but times are tough so he’s reduced to being a low end bagman for the Mob (!?!) to make extra bread.  That means he’s out of town a lot and that means that his sex starved wife (Anne Saxon) is ready to fuck Savage’s brains out.  Tension mounts when Savage bungles his big bro’s heroin deal and begins bedding down with his brother’s MISTRESS (Meridith Baer) too.  Predictably, Savage comes to a tragic end when he is SAVAGE-LY (I made a pun, get it?) gunned down in the streets by some overweight Mafioso. 


Like most Crown International movies being made at the time, The Sister-In-Law is one of those bait and switch deals (like The Teacher or The Stepmother) that has JUST ENOUGH of what the trailers and posters promised (promiscuous sex with a family member), but features way too much extraneous “plot” stuff.  Seriously, at what point did this flick stop being about Savage banging his brother’s hot wife (and his mistress) and start being a shitty Sopranos episode?  I dunno.  Even worse is the fact that Savage SINGS on the soundtrack.  A lot.  And badly.  Really badly.  Honestly, it sounds like someone endlessly pelting a cat in the head with oranges or something. 


Anyway at least director Joseph (The Forgotten) Ruben is smart enough to convince his two very attractive female leads to take their tops off every chance they get.  Baer has two topless sex scenes and Saxon shows off her goods no less than FIVE times throughout the movie.  (Once in the shower, once while skinny dipping, once during an underwater catfight, and twice while doing the deed.)  I’m sure Ms. Saxon could’ve accommodated us at least five more times had her character not inexplicably disappeared halfway through the movie.  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but this flick WAS called The Sister-In-Law, right?)


Despite the lackluster dramatics (it’s essentially a Lifetime Movie of the Week with lots of tit shots); both Savage and Ruben would go on to work on big time Hollywood movies.  Savage later went on to sing… badly in Hair (look, all I’m saying is that Milos Forman obviously didn’t see this flick before he cast Savage in Hair, cuz his singing sucks monkey nuts) and Ruben wound up behind the camera for Dreamscape, a personal favorite.  Unfortunately neither Saxon nor Baer had much of a career after this flick.  While Baer got cast in a handful of other Crown flicks, this was the only cinematic credit for the comely Saxon.  Her nude scenes were easily the most memorable thing about this ho-hum affair and it’s a shame more movies weren’t blessed with her chestocological region. 

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