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John Wayne, Ray “Crash” Corrigan and Max Terhune star as “The Three Mesquiteers” (sort of like a precursor to The Three Amigos I guess) who come to the aid of a gold miner whose claim is in jeopardy of being stolen by a couple of no-goodniks who are in cahoots with a bunch of crooked lawmen and corrupt town officials.    


Despite being pretty by the numbers (Wayne is wrongfully accused of murder and has to clear his name for like the seven billionth time), the flick moves along at a breezy pace and is helped significantly by the easy chemistry of the three leads.  Corrigan and Terhune aren’t given a whole lot to do but let’s face it; you’re only watching this to see Wayne strut his stuff.  Santa Fe Stampede has a little bit more weight to it than most B westerns of the day, since it deals with the murder of a little girl, and that at least makes it stand out from the rest of the pack (or herd, if you prefer). 


Speaking of a herd, I don’t remember ever seeing a stampede in this movie (I’m not sure this even took place in Santa Fe to be honest with you), but that shouldn’t stop Wayne fans from checking this flick out.  


This was the 19th Mesquiteer movie (there were over FORTY Mesquiteer movies in all, the first being in 1936) and the third to star Wayne.  He played in five more Mesquiteer flicks before being replaced with Robert Livingston, who originated the role.  


Wayne and director George Sherman were still working together as late as 1971 when the pair made Big Jake.  Corrigan later paid the rent by playing gorillas in many a jungle picture.   

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