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Antonio (Cannibal Apocalypse) Margheriti directed this dime store Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off starring David (The Beyond) Warbeck as a British cat burglar named Rick Spear who is hired by a group of “international bankers” led by John (Caligula) Steiner who want him to steal “The Scepter of Gilgamesh” from a booby trap laden cavern.  A bunch of Arab baddies also want the scepter so they kidnap Spear’s best gal (who’s name is Pussycat) at least twice and Rick has to save her.  Spear travels to a swastika shaped mountain where he finds a bargain bin version of the Temple of Doom that predictably tumbles to the ground before the closing credits. 


This is far from the worst flick Margheriti ever did (Assignment:  Outer Space, anyone?), but the whole affair is tepid, tedious and downright boring.  The acting is awful, the dubbing is even worse and most of the action scenes suffer from a sufficient budget.  On the plus side however, there is one decent car chase, a pretty cool scene where Warbeck shoots a bunch of dirty Arabs with a water hose and a catchy theme song, “Future” which has to be the nuttiest Italian title tune since “Run, Cheetah, Run” from Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade. 


But the best thing about the movie is the dialogue.  Warbeck gets a smorgasbord of hilarious lines like, “You smarmy bastard!”, “Politics is not my bag!”, and “Why didn’t you tell me this job called for Roger Moore!”  But it’s an Arab villain who gets the movie’s best line when he says:   “May you drown in the dung of a thousand sheep!”


AKA:  Temple of Hell.

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