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The Video Vacuum

COUNTRY BLUE (1974) * ½

Jack Conrad makes like a cracker version of Orson Welles (except he’s not very good) and writes, produces, directs and stars in this homegrown low budget good ol’ boy drama.  

He plays Bobby, a white trash grease monkey parolee who wants to take his best gal Ruthie (Rita George, who has a topless sex scene) down to Mexico, but unfortunately he’s flat broke.  They decide to rob a bank and lay low, but when the bank manager (The Big Lebowski’s David Huddleston) tricks them into only taking a small sum of the money, they go back into town and re-rob the bank, which leads to a chase with the police and their capture.  While in jail, Bobby is beat up by the cops and Ruthie is nearly raped twice (once by the cops, another by her female inmate).  The scene where they escape from jail is the only exciting and worthwhile part of the picture.  The shootout with the police is unexpectedly gory and features some cool still photography.  Once the film looks to show some promise though, it bogs down again when Bobby goes back on the lam.  The downbeat Vanishing Point inspired ending doesn’t win Conrad any favors either.  

Cowboy star Dub Taylor co-stars as Bobby’s hippie hating boss and mentor.  Conrad can’t act, write or direct his way out of a Nehi bottle, but does deliver one great line of dialogue though:  “You puke sucking maggot!  You look like a damn monkey in heat!”  Take that David Mamet!  Country Blue doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen Burt Reynolds do better, and Jack Conrad sir, you are no Burt Reynolds.

Tags: action, c, drama
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