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TEEN MANIA (2003) ** ½


The incomparable Johnny Legend, the man who brought us such immortal compilations as Weird Cartoons and the Sleazemania saga, brings us this hour long hit-or-miss assemblage of vintage movie trailers featuring juvenile delinquents (The Flaming Teenage, Motorcycle Gang, High School Hellcats, Johnny Trouble, Teenage Gang Debs, and The Thrill Killers), hot rodders (Hot Rod Gang, Wild Ones on Wheels, and Hot Rods to Hell), and rowdy teenagers (Lost Lonely and Vicious, Young Willing and Eager, Mondo Teeno, Teenage Tramp, and The Young Runaways) of the 50’s.  We also get a look at trailers for teenaged themed horror movies like Curse of a Teenage Nazi, Teenage Torture (AKA:  Teenage Zombies), and Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory. 


There are also trailers for musicals such as Rock Around the Clock (“Go, Man, Go to This Real Gone Show!”), Rock Around the World, Rock! Rock! Rock!, Rockabilly Baby, Hey Let’s Twist, Ring-A-Ding Rhythm, The Big TNT Show, and for plenty of movies that ended up on Mystery Science Theater like I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Teenage Caveman, Horror of Party Beach, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, and Teenage Strangler.  Legend even gives us a few trailers showcasing the teenage antics of the 60’s like Disk-O-Tek Holiday and The Hallucination Generation (“Do You Know the Taste of Purple?”), but the most fun comes from seeing soon-to-be famous faces starring in low budget potboilers like Cry Baby Killer (Jack Nicholson!), The Proper Time (Tom McLaughlin of Billy Jack fame!), Key Witness (Dennis Hopper!), and The Explosive Generation (William Shatner!).


At just under an hour, this comp is just the right running time for JD fans looking for a quick fix, but unfortunately a lot of the trailers aren’t the complete versions.  I know Legend was trying to cram as much stuff as he could into a short amount of time, but I’d much prefer to see the full trailer and not just a 30 second truncated version.  Also, these trailers are kinda tame and while some people will definitely get a kick out of them and feel some sort of nostalgia for them, I personally prefer a little bit more sleaze in my trailer compilations.  The best part of the DVD though is the in-theater ads promoting spook shows and free Fabian photo giveaways as well as a hilarious Vespa ad.  It’s no Sleazemania, but Legend’s legions with an hour to kill will definitely wanna give this a look see.    

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