The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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THE AMATEURS (2007) * ½

Jeff Bridges stars in this belabored and surprisingly unfunny comedy as a small town loser who rallies his community together to make an amateur porno movie.  The premise sounds thin, but you would think with the presence of such great actors as Bridges, Tim Blake Nelson, Joe Pantoliano and William Fichtner that they’d be able to pull it off.  You’d be wrong though. 


This flick is nothing more than a bad sitcom with occasional porn terminology tossed in to secure an R rating.  Bridges is game, but like everybody else in the cast, he flounders with the innocuously weak material.  The script is chock full of clichés and offers zero surprises, which makes me wonder what exactly drove the big name supporting cast (which is almost solely comprised of every single television actor not currently working on a series now, including Ted Danson, Lauren Graham, Steven Weber, Isaiah Washington, and Brad Garrett) to star in the film, other than to grab a quick paycheck. 


There are far better movies about the making of porn out there (Boogie Nights and Orgazmo instantly come to mind) for you to waste your time with this tripe.  In fact, you’d be better off watching an actual porno instead.  You'll get more entertainment out of it and at least you'd get to see some tits, as this flick contains no female nudity whatsoever.  The ladies in the audience will be thrilled to know that Danson bares his ass in this film, but that is far from a glowing recommendation in my book. 


AKA:  The Moguls.

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