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NAKED YOUTH (1960) **

Three juvenile delinquents led by “Switch” (so named for his penchant for using a switchblade) escape from an honor farm and get picked up hitchhiking by a duo of heroin dealers who have just smuggled in a bunch of dope from Mexico hidden inside a doll baby.  They double cross each other back and forth for possession of the horse while the cops slowly close in on them.  In the end, Switch gets stabbed and the dope pusher gets gunned down and we all learn that drugs are bad.


This juvenile delinquent movie is better than some, but not as good as most of the genre.  It’s notable for actually featuring drugs as a major part of the story (in one scene we actually get to see a junkie’s needle marks as she prepares to shoot up), a little blood, and some tantalizing hints at nudity.  (It should’ve really been called Naked from the Back Youth.)  Even though the flick has a harder edge than most of it’s type, the pacing is sluggish and the acting leaves a lot to be desired.  The print is extremely scratchy and jumpy, but that kinda adds to the film’s charm.  If you’re a fan of the JD genre, you’ll definitely want to get your “kicks”, but others will be able to take or leave this one. 


The smooth talking dope smuggler gets the best line when he says, “When I catch up to those kids, I’ll slice them up like cheese!”


AKA:  Wild Youth.

Tags: drama, n

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