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VENGEANCE (1976) *

Jason (The Exorcist) Miller stars as a political prisoner being held in Spain who escapes from a chain gang after the guy he’s shackled to gets his hand inadvertently chopped off.  He’s eventually hunted down by a tracker with a bloodthirsty dog bent on returning him to prison.  Miller manages to kill the tracker, but the dog wants revenge for it’s master’s murder and continues after him.  Miller finds a woman in the middle of the jungle and she asks him how long he was locked up.  He replies, “A long time”, which leads to them humping like rhinos in heat.  Of course, the dog shows up, kills her dog and goes to town on her sheep before coming after Miller.  The guards follow in hot pursuit and Miller has to machine gun a bunch of them to death before sneaking out of the country while the killer dog nips at his heels. 


The central idea of this flick isn’t the worse thing the filmmakers could’ve come up with.  Besides let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a good killer dog movie.  The thing is, they kinda forget about the homicidal hound halfway through the movie and the film settles down and becomes a half assed revolutionary picture instead. 


The parts where the dog is tracking Miller down aren’t bad (Canine POV is used heavily), but everything else about this shit heap is pretty unbearable.  The scenes where Miller joins up with the resistance are boring as all get out and the romantic angle goes nowhere (although it does provide enough T & A to keep you semi-awake during all the dull stuff).  The movie goes on waaaay too long (it’s 106 minutes, about 26 minutes longer than it really needed to be) and is filled with too many inconsequential supporting characters that get in the way of the chase.  Miller looks completely lost in the lead and shows why he didn’t have much of a career after The Exorcist.  If all the viva la revolution shit had been excised and the film focused solely on the Man vs. Beast aspect of the story, it may have made for a passable thriller.  As it is, the dog isn’t the only one who wants vengeance as you’ll probably want to hunt the director down and punish him for making this stinker. 


A lunatic prison guard gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Talk you shit ass priest!”


AKA:  A Dog Called Vengeance. 

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