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The Duke’s son, Patrick (Young Guns) Wayne stars as Sinbad the sailor in the third and final film in special effects master Ray Harryhausen’s Sinbad trilogy.  A young prince gets turned into a chess playing baboon by an old witch and his sister (a dreadlocked Jane Seymour) gets Sinbad to help set things right.  The witch sends out a trio of insect warriors to stop Sinbad, but that doesn’t discourage him one bit.  He goes on a voyage looking for a cure and runs afoul of a golden Minotaur, a telepathic hottie (Taryn Power, the daughter of actor Tyrone), an oversized bumblebee, a big ass walrus, a giant but gentle troglodyte, and finally a sabretooth tiger. 


Sadly, Survivor’s hit song “Eye of the Tiger” is nowhere to be found. 


Wayne definitely didn’t inherit any of his father’s acting genes, but his wooden acting is well suited to these kinds of shenanigans.  Luckily, Seymour and Power can usually be found wearing a slinky dress and provide fine arm candy for Sinbad.  Director Sam Wanamaker is usually an actor (check him out in Superman IV) and was probably in over his head with all the fantasy elements of the picture, which explains why things get particularly waterlogged about halfway though.  


But you don’t watch these movies for the acting, plot or directorial flair.  You see ‘em for the stop motion monsters.  The special effects in this movie are fine (the troglodyte being the standout), but they pale in comparison to some of Harryhausen’s more spectacular creations.  Likewise the film is enjoyable to a point, but it lacks the elements that made the other Harryhausen special effects smorgasbords so memorable.  The troglodyte vs. tiger finale is impressive, but unfortunately you have to wait about 110 minutes to see it. 


Still to me though, the best special effects in the flick were Seymour and Power’s breasts.  Sure you only see them for about two seconds apiece, but the brief glimpses of the ladies’ skin were easily the best part of this mediocre entry in the series.  I mean where else are you gonna see Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman expose her ta-ta’s to a giant caveman?

AKA:  Sinbad at the World's End.

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