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GONE BABY GONE (2007) ***


Ben Affleck makes his directorial debut with this predictable but compelling child abduction drama.  Affleck’s brother Casey stars as a private investigator who is hired to find a missing four year old girl in Boston.  With the help of his partner (Michelle Monaghan) and a pair of crusty cops (Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris) they scour the city looking for the kid in hopes of reuniting her with her deadbeat coked out white trash mama (Amy Ryan).  When they trace her whereabouts to a Haitian crime lord named “Cheese”, they arrange for an exchange, but the deal goes sour and the little girl ends up dead.  Or does she? 


Any person with half a brain can figure out if the girl’s got a heartbeat or not and who the kidnapper is as soon as he appears, but the flick is worth checking out for the performances alone.  Affleck does a great job in the lead role and proves that he earned his shot as a leading man.  (Although I’m sure a little nepotism didn’t hurt.)  Harris and Freeman are both excellent in their juicy roles and Ryan (in an Oscar nominated performance) is pretty convincing as a deadbeat coked out white trash mama.


Speaking of white trash, this movie sets some kind of cinematic record for most white trash per square minute.  Seriously, every frame of this film oozes white trash.  I mean it, John Waters only wishes he had this many trashy looking people in one movie.  After you figure out who did what to the kid, you can entertain yourself by checking out the various colorful white trash background extras.  (You can also have fun counting the chins on that one child molester lady.)   


Affleck directs the flick with an assurance of a seasoned professional, but hopefully he’s gotten this dramatic stuff out of his system so he can hurry up and fucking make Reindeer Games 2 for God’s sakes.  Now that he’s a big time director, maybe he can even direct the sucker himself.  How does the title Reindeer Games 2:  Slayride sound?  Seriously Affleck, I’ll write the fucker for you if that’s what it takes.

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