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Martin Short stars in this big screen comedy as his small screen alter ego, Jiminy Glick, a small time celebrity interviewer whose sheer incompetence usually results in some pretty big laughs.  In the film, Glick is sent to the Toronto Film Festival to interview movie stars and inadvertently gets embroiled in a murder mystery by none other than David Lynch (also Short).


The film is frequently funny thanks to tons of celebrity cameos (most of who have worked with Short in the past) who take Glick’s backhanded compliments with genuine aplomb.  Whether Glick is talking porno with Steve Martin (“Something Liquid This Way Comes”) or confusing Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah, the celebrity portions of the film will have you in stitches. 


The other half of the flick plays like a spoof of David Lynch movies and the director Jean Vadim, captures the mood of Lynch’s work (namely Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive) nicely.  While Short is funny in the fat suit as Glick, he’s simply awesome as Lynch and his impersonation is eerily dead on. 


Will most people enjoy this movie?  Hard to say.  The audience for this flick is a very narrow slice of the movie going pie.  You’d have to be a fan of Short’s show (which had been canceled by the time this had reached theaters), enjoy Hollywood in-jokes, and like David Lynch movies to fully appreciate the film.  Since I fall into all three of those categories, I’m happy to say I dug the flick.  Others will find the movie particularly baffling, but they may get a kick out of the sheer amount of celebrity cameos (Kiefer Sutherland, Sharon Stone, Forest Whitaker, Kevin Kline, etc.). 


Audience litmus test:  Glick has twin boys named Matthew and Modine.  Did you laugh at that sentence?  If so, you’ll enjoy the flick.  If not, by all means keep clear of this movie.

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