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Producer Judd Apatow made a star out of his Freaks and Geeks star Seth Rogen with Knocked Up and Superbad and now in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Apatow tries to do the same for another F n’ G co-star, Jason Segal.  Segal wrote and stars in this frequently amusing romantic comedy as a composer working on a hit TV show (Crime Scene:  Scene of the Crime) who also happens to be dating it’s sexy star, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell from Roman).  When she breaks up with him, he decides to go to Hawaii for a vacation to put her out of his mind, but as luck would have it, she’s also staying at the hotel with her Eurotrash rock star boyfriend.  Predictably, he finds love with a sexy motel clerk (Mila Kunis from That 70’s Show), which majorly ticks off his ex.


The initial premise sounds straight out of a sitcom, but like with most Apatow produced comedies, there’s a lot of heart in this one and it makes up for the various clichéd trappings of the film.  Segal does a fine job in the lead and is likable and quite funny while Bell and Kunis provide the ample eye candy. 


As I said, there are the usual romantic clichés tossed around here and there, but nothing that really hampers the film too bad.  You know they got to put that lovey dovey bullshit in there for the female audience.  Segal also took the liberty of whipping out his cock for the whole world to see, which should ensure that a lot of females will flock to this flick.  (As well as a certain percentage of males I suppose.) 


The film also features such Apatow cohorts as Jonah Hill, Bill Hader and Paul Rudd in small roles as well as a hilarious cameo by Billy Baldwin (as himself) as the star of the TV show.  While Hill gets some big laughs (“I just went from six to midnight!”), it’s a pudgy Polynesian bellhop who gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Is that a happy tissue or a sad tissue?”

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