The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


Some climbers in Trollenberg are climbing a mountain and one of them loses his head… LITERALLY! “Did you see it? His head was torn off!” Meanwhile Forrest (F Troop) Tucker and two road show psychics hang out in a mountaintop resort. A sinister fog rolls in, hiding giant eyeballs with long tentacles! They can control men’s minds and use them to try to kill the sisters, who know their next move. Forrest figures out the eyes are afraid of fire and when he runs out of Molotov cocktails, he calls in the air force to bomb the bejesus outta them. The close-ups of the giant eyes menacing the cast are effective, but the chintzy special effect of eyes on top of an obvious model hotel is ridiculous looking. This was the first film shown on Comedy Central’s Mystery Science Theater 3000.

AKA The Trollenberg Terror.
Tags: c, horror, mst3k
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