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SHELL SHOCK (1964) ½ *


When I was in high school, I helped a buddy of mine make a war movie based on All Quiet on the Western Front.  All we had was a camera, a handful of uniforms and props and some ketchup for blood.  We shot that thing in one hour and I bet you anything our movie was more realistic than this turd. 


The story has two orphaned brothers, Johnny (Carl Crowe) and Gil (Frank Leo) joining the Army during WWII.  During a battle, Johnny gets a bad case of shell shock and even though he’s mind is that of a Fruit Roll-Up, his CO (Beach Dickerson from tons of Corman movies) sends him and Gil out on a dangerous mission.  Johnny goes bonkers for half the picture until the duo meets a hermetic family living in the plains of “Italy”.  After being shown a little TLC, Johnny’s quickly cured of his affliction and finally does something semi-heroic.


I like WWII pictures about as much as the next guy.  I like low budget movies as much as the next guy too.  BUT… this low budget WWII movie is the fucking pits.  The budget was so low on this thing that never once are you convinced that the soldiers are in Italy because the whole movie looks like it was shot on somebody’s ranch in California.  The performances are hideous and what passes for “action” in this flick wouldn't have cut it in a Coleman Francis movie.  The movie peters along at a snail’s pace and is too boring for the human mind to conceptualize. 


If you think “War is Hell”, you’re wrong.  Watching this movie about war is Hell. 

AKA:  82nd Marines Attack.
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