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Roger Corman, in his usual thrifty fashion, filmed this as the third of three back to back to back films he produced in Puerto Rico.  The fact that he initially only set out to make two films should give you an idea of the quality of this flick.   


Moe and Ken (Richard Devon and Ron Kennedy) are two American GI’s who have just fought the titular battle in the South Pacific.  When the battle is over, they hang out in a cave, smoke cigarettes and chit chat about their lives.  While in hiding, they manage to pick off the remaining “Jap” soldiers that occupy the island.  After all the Japs are killed Ken says, “You know what this means?  We don’t have to whisper anymore!”  All alone, the two soldiers grow beards, start bickering incessantly and are soon at each others throats.


Corman produced this low budget war movie but didn’t have enough money to actually show the “war”.  Because of the shoestring budget, most of the action takes place off screen and the battle of the title is never shown.  Corman’s done better with less before, but even his ingenuity at cutting budgetary corners can’t disguise the fact that this is essential a two character play, and not a very good one at that. 


A lot of the problem has to do with the non-existent budget, but director Joel Rapp has to shoulder a lot of the blame.  Rapp only did one other movie in his short lived directing career; High School Big Shot, a movie so bad that it ended up on Mystery Science Theater.  While Big Shot had some unintentional laughs, there is nothing much fun about this flick.  It’s turgid and slow moving and pretty much just plain sucks.  It only runs an hour long, but it feels like two. 


The other films Corman made alongside this one were The Creature from the Haunted Sea and The Last Woman on Earth. 

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