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THE EYE (2002) * ½

Okay so what’s the first Video Vacuum rule of horror movies?  If it was made in Hong Kong, then it’s probably sucks schlong.  The Japanese can usually crank out a good one every now and then, like Audition or Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, but the horror imports from China are always fairly lame.  Case in point:  The Eye.  With The Eye, the directors, The Pang Brothers, show us that they can make crappy shot on DV horror movies just like us Americans can. 


At least us Americans don’t have to READ our damn movies. 


The Eye is all about a blind chick who gets an operation so she can see again.  While getting adjusted to her new vision, she starts seeing pale faced monkey people, chalk eating children and blurry looking motherfuckers who try to scare her.  Eventually she learns what she’s seeing is suicide victims who are doomed to endlessly repeat their fates over and over again. 


While I appreciated some of the film’s subtle humor (The heroine gets kicked out of “The Orchestra for the Blind” after she regains her sight.  Talk about discrimination!), the film was completely devoid of any horrific moments.  (When are these Asian horror people gonna learn that little scrawny kids just aren’t scary?)  The ending is particularly infuriating.    


This flick was later remade by America with Jessica Alba earlier this year.  Watching this flick didn’t necessarily make me want to put that film on my Netflix queue, especially considering that Americanized remakes of Asian horror films are usually WORSE than the originals.  (The Ring, anyone?)  The Eye is a notch or two better than most Asian horror crapfests, but that is far from a glowing compliment in my book. 


AKA:  Seeing Ghosts
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