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Lars (Ryan Gosling) is a meek, introverted shut-in who lives in his brother’s garage and spurns the constant advances of a cute co-worker (Kelli Garner).  He’s basically on the road to Jeffrey Dahmerville, until one day hope arrives in a huge package on his doorstep in the form of a plastic anatomically correct love doll named Bianca.  No, Lars doesn’t use it for it’s intended purpose; instead he introduces her to the family as his new girlfriend from Brazil.  They more or less play along with him, and slowly so does most of the community. 


This flick walks a tightrope in terms of tone.  Usually movies about anatomically correct love dolls turn grisly (see:  Love Object), but in Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan Gosling’s performance is what keeps it from being creepy.  His Chaplin-esque performance is one that is funny but sad, hopeful yet pathetic, and he turns Lars into a fully three dimensional person and not the perverted creep you’d expect.  I know you’re probably thinking that making a movie about a blow-up doll that doesn’t get fucked is like making a movie about a cop that doesn’t shoot anyone, but trust me; you’ll probably end up enjoying this flick.


The movie is actually more of a satire of how people accept “different” people.  Nowadays with people being openly gay and getting married and mentally challenged people flipping burgers at McDonald’s, what’s the big deal if a guy brings a sex doll to church with him?  Director Craig Gillespie also did Mr. Woodcock the same year.   

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