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THE BANKER (1989) **

In the 80’s, the direct to video marketplace was flooded with a lot of cheap action flicks like The Banker.  At least this one TRIED to be a bit different.  If anything it’s worth checking out for the amusing casting.


A multi-millionaire investment banker (Duncan Regehr from The Monster Squad) goes running around the city at night painting his face like Peter Criss and gunning down high price prostitutes with a state of the art crossbow.  When he isn’t out hunting hookers, he’s playing the Most Dangerous Game with their pimps and stalking an outspoken newswoman.  Robert Forster stars as a cop tracking him down and Richard Roundtree plays his superior.


This flick is pretty unremarkable and parts are downright boring, but let’s face it:  Where else are you going to see Jeff Conaway and Leif Garrett as pimps?  Forster, who’s probably never given a bad performance, does a good job here as the hero and Roundtree does what he can with his ten thousandth police captain role.  Former Playboy Playmate Teri Weigel has a pretty hot fuck scene to open the film, but most of the other sex scenes in the movie are rather tame.  The violence is also kinda lax as the director always cuts away before the arrows hit their intended targets. 


If watered down bloodshed and softcore screwing isn’t your cup of chili, you can always have fun guessing just exactly what kinds of drugs both Conaway and Garrett were using during the making this flick.  Plus, Forster gets some truly great dialogue too, which makes this kinda worth sitting through.  Among my favorites were:  “We got some Indian graffiti!”, “We found this next to a charbroiled pimp!”, and “I’m Dan.  I’m a cop.  And you’re fucked!”


After a brief stint in “legitimate” movies, Weigel soon ended up doing porn. 

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