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Remember comedian Mark Blankfield?  Didn’t think so.  


Anyway, he stars as Dr. Jekyll, a brilliant surgeon who gives up operating on people to find a cocaine-like drug that will separate man from his “animal instincts”.   When he inadvertently sniffs some of it, he turns into a wild haired, coke snorting, gold chain wearing swinger named Hyde who lusts after a sexy prostitute/punk rock singer named Ivy (Krista Errickson).   


There are some good gags here and there (like the “foreign object” lodged in a woman’s vagina, a punk band named The Shitty Rainbows, and a boob job gone hideously wrong), but for the most part, this flick isn’t all that funny.  Blankfield is sporadically amusing as Jekyll (the way he tries to win his fiancée back by RUNNING through a steeplechase is inspired) but he tries way too hard as Hyde.  Blankfield thoroughly embarrasses himself while donning his ridiculous Hyde get-up and his performance reeks of desperation.  The similarly themed Doctor Detroit (released the next year) is a much better (and funnier) examination of a repressed guy dressing up as an uninhibited psycho.   


Having said that; the film actually gets better as it goes along and it includes a snappy musical number, “I’ve Got Nothing to Hyde.”  But easily the best part of this uneven mess is the final reel.  During the rooftop chase, the film switches to black and white and director Jerry Belson effectively captures a moody atmosphere reminiscent of the old Universal monster movies.  Belson also saved the best gag for last as we see Robert Louis Stevenson’s corpse literally rolling in his grave at the film’s conclusion!  Had the rest of the movie contained the same amount of spunk as the final 15 minutes, Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again could’ve worked.


The supporting cast is game and makes sitting through some of the patchier sections of the movie bearable.  Bess Armstrong plays Jekyll’s prissy fiancée and Tim (Rhinestone) Thomerson has fun playing a cross dressing plastic surgeon, but it’s Errikson who gives the best performance of the film as the object of Hyde’s affections.  B Movie buffs will also have fun spotting Cassandra Peterson (AKA:  Elvira) in a small role as the “busty nurse”. 


Although Blankfield’s humor is a little hit or miss, he still gets the best line of the movie when he says, “I’m a drug crazed beast with a giant erection that won’t go away!”


Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again will be released on June 3rd by the good folks at Legend Films who are now in charge of releasing some of Paramount Pictures more obscure titles on DVD.  For more info on this and future releases from Legend, check out their website at

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