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A bunch of amateur porn stars on their way to a film shoot down in Mexico get lost and wind up in a ghost town where they are terrorized by “El Mascarado” (lucha libre legend Rey Misterio, Sr.), a psycho killer made up from the best parts of three of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of all time.  When the porn starlets wander away from the shoot, they get offed one by one by the demented luchador, who gets his jollies by ripping their faces off.  The knowledgeable porn cameraman Steve (Jeremy Radin), a wrestling fan, deduces that the only way to stop the killer is by taking his mask off (the ultimate humiliation for a Mexican wrestler, for those who don’t know). 


I don’t want to give anything else away, but all I’m going to say is that the killer keeps his mask firmly on his face for the whole movie.   


Basically the flick is a remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre except with a crazed Mexican wrestler as the antagonist.  (In fact, the original working title was The Mexican Porn Massacre.)  Most of the murders happen off screen, but we do get a decent throat gouging (complete with spurting arterial spray), teeth pounding, pole skewering, and of course some pretty sweet face ripping scenes.  Not a lot is really done with the whole porn subplot (save for an excuse to show some gratuitous nudity), but I did like the scene where one porn starlet was able to cram herself into a small hiding space thanks to her contortionist skills.


Wrestlemaniac is a fun, breezy way to spend 75 minutes, but my biggest quibble with the film is that the killer never really used any wrestling moves on his victims.  While he does give one girl a backbreaker, he doesn’t frequently resort to any other ring techniques until the final battle with the overweight cameraman.  Can you imagine how great the film COULD have been if it was nothing but El Mascarado body slamming and suplexing video vixens for an hour and fifteen minutes?  Oh well. 


While not perfect, Wrestlemaniac effectively combines porn, horror, and wrestling, which are three things that society as we know it today was founded on; so what more do you want?


Of the cast, Radin easily gives the best performance and gets the funniest line of the movie:  “They gave him fifty lobotomies and it didn’t help for shit!”

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